Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whelp - Here I Go!

First, I must say that it is definitely not my fault that I'm writing a blog. I would like to blame those on my Facebook page that have pressured me into joining a forum that would allow me to share pictures & stories about my little boy, whom I will call J. Also, I would like to blame my dad, who, fortunately and unfortunately as the case may be, has encouraged and supported me in my every endeavor (nursing school that I dropped out of, bible college that I moved on from, and now some random form of "writing").

Next, I've been wondering about narcissism. Is it more narcissistic to create an entire site dedicated to my/our somewhat uneventful life, or to subject my Facebook friends to a constant bombardment of pictures and stories from a completely child- and self-absorbed woman? Also, does it count as narcissism if one is actually sharing more about the being that has overtaken his/her every waking moment? Narcissism by proxy? I guess the final story is delete me from either your Facebook feed or your internet history if you find my posts, which I usually consider hilarious and/or endearing, to be annoying and/or excessive. (And.... here is where I add a smiley face because I feel like that last sentence might have been a little intense.) ;)

So, here's the purpose of this blog: sharing little snippets of life in an occasionally snarky way, documenting Baby J's life since my memory is currently crap, and trying to keep some amount of sanity in the midst of diapers and deployments.

Oh, random: if, for some completely crazy reason, someone who does not know me or K ends up viewing this very experimental blog, I am a Navy wife trying desperately to not lose my identity to being Mrs. [husband's job description].

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